The typical human’s medical record ties up a large quantity of storage space within each year. Medical imaging, medical records, medical testing, and other data becomes stored within a system. The data stored within this system typically becomes analyzed by people on the outside instead of data scientists. Data science can help improve this system by analyzing the data and putting the data analyzed into use by assisting the medical professionals in comparing their data findings in one patient and comparing it to another patient. The data that is composed can be used to make a more accurate diagnosis instead of the medical professional relying on his/her instinct based upon the symptoms. These improved diagnoses will lead to decreased medical costs for the patient and the medical organization. The data analyzed can also help healthcare providers by optimizing the way that their facilities operations are managed.

Data science within healthcare can become a tremendous aid in diagnosing chronic illnesses. If the data is analyzed and stored within a system then medical professionals can compare lab results, scans, and other symptoms to other data within  the system. They can then use the information in the system to provide a more accurate answer for the patient’s diagnosis. Medical professionals providing a more accurate diagnoses will decrease the amount of labs, tests, and medications that the patient will have to endure over the course of finding the correct diagnoses and answer to the patients symptoms. When the amount of trials of tests, medications, scans, and other resolutions are brought down to a minimum due to the analyzed data then costs for both the hospital and the patient decrease significantly.

Healthcare facilities such as hospitals can use the analyzed data to help each patient have a very personalized plan while in the care of the healthcare professionals. These personalized plans can benefit the patient in the long run due to the medical professionals knowing their medical history and being able to work off of the stored data. The stored data is the insight to providing better care and more accurate diagnoses based upon the signs and symptoms of the patient.

The Medical industry benefits more drastically from local data science companies.  Smaller hospitals  can benefit from local data science companies analyzing the data as well due to the fact that they have a much smaller budget compared to the larger hospitals. The larger hospitals can share their data with the smaller hospitals in order to enable them to have the adequate resources to improve their patient’s well-being in the long run. If there is a disease that is spreading around the local areas then it will be easier for doctors to diagnose based upon the symptoms listed in the data due to it being only localized data.

Data science can improve the healthcare field in drastic ways that can help both medical professionals as well as patients in positive ways. The healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities can decrease the amount of money that is spent on running tests, bringing in specialized doctors, and other expenses that are not necessary if this data was all in a system. This would eliminate the commonality of misdiagnoses, unneeded tests, and other expenses in favor of both the medical facility and the patient in the end. Data science could be the answer to the major issues within the healthcare system.