President of Geodecisions, Brendan Wesdock, MCP, GISP (right), and Precizion’s CEO, Subhash Jaini (left)

Precizion Solutions and GeoDecisions have announced a new partnership that brings together the prowess of geographic information systems (GIS) with advanced data mining and analysis techniques to serve public sector clients as well as a broad range of private sector clients including the marketing, sales, healthcare, real estate, and retail industries.

“By merging our expertise in collecting, sorting, and studying business data with GeoDecisions’ GIS, mapping, and systems integration capabilities, we’re better positioned to provide valuable insights that guide clients’ planning and decision making,” said Subhash Jaini, CEO of Precizion Solutions. “By establishing this exclusive partnership, we are able to focus on our shared goals to drive business growth and client success.”

“Our clients possess a massive amount of data. Together with Precizion Solutions, we’re able to apply the lens of location to analyzing and displaying this information in compelling and actionable ways,” said Brendan Wesdock, MCP, GISP, president of GeoDecisions.

Precizion Solutions relocated from its office in Glen Allen to GeoDecisions’ Richmond office in Shockoe Slip at 115 South 15th Street, Suite 400. The co-location will enhance the collaborative partnership and enable increased access for teaming, strategic planning, and client service.