Will you buy my company?
Sadly, no. For those looking to completely exit, we are not for you. Consider applying at Lighthouse Labs, StartUp Virginia, or another incumbation org
What happened? I thought you were doing well?
We found such a powerful synergy between Keiter and PrecizionIO that this made sense. PrecizionIO has done very well which is why we can be attractive to help them accelerate their technology goals in the Richmond Area
Where do I go if I have hired you? Are you still involved with consulting?
Of course!! The PrecizionIO is slowly onboarding into Keiter and is ready to do work today. In fact, we are all happier with better business processes, benefits (for some), and better project management. We are happier than ever.
Why a CPA firm?
While they are a CPA firm, Keiter is actually a firm filled with strategists that suggest ideas on running businesses daily throughout Richmond. They have been able to understand data science better than most technology people because they are focused on business value. The key in this move is now the consulting practice can work on business value only projects. PrecizionIO will continue to operate since they have products/algorthms under their name still.
Do you still take dev projects?
We are taking all data analytics projects through Keiter. If you’re looking for an equity/revenue share split, you can contact us…knowing we aren’t taking many of this anymnore. Check requirements.

What are your requirements on apps you take on through PrecizionIO?
  • Revenue generating the first day the app in in MVP (you must have a paying client lined up)
  • Substantial personal connections in your app’s industry
  • Ability to sell a true MVP…track record required
  • Patience + Relationship strength for things to go wrong on the MVP
  • Ability to afford paying for dev work, even on a rev share/equity split
  • There MUST be a data play in the app
  • Do you take investors?

    Do you want in on the action but don’t have the data science skillset? Rarely do people have what it takes, so hit me up!

    Does Keiter own PrecizionIO?

    No, they just hired Precizion’s founder. Precizion’s portfolio is still completely independent of Subhash working at any of them. Each individual company is not affiliated with Keiter in any way.

    How can I contact you?

    I have disabled info@precizion.io and hello@precizion.io… I am very accessible, but let’s see you do some work to find me.

    Can you help validate my AI/ML business?

    Join any startup network in Richmond and you can have me mentor you here and there. Once you sign up, you’ll see there are a plethora of other qualified mentors. Good luck