Machine Learning

Precizion Solutions delivers exceptional machine learning services that enable businesses to optimize their big data and rid of repetitive tasks allowing employees to reach their highest potential. We provide pre-built and custom algorithms to ensure each solution is tailored uniquely to your business. With our models, we can predict events, determine the likelihood, and classify decisions by applying predictive and correlative analytics to your data. We pride ourselves on producing explicit analyses and precise predictions for your problems.

Text Mining

Organize and analyze large corpus of text and turn it into new knowledge. Precizion Solutions offers expert services in text mining to help you discover patterns and emerging trends. We utilize advanced modeling and custom techniques of natural language processing tools; we are here to support your knowledge discovery projects. By utilizing your unstructured data, we can help you extract information and create insights you never knew possible.

Spatial Analytics

Any problems that involve the word “where” can be improved with spatial data. This includes datasets with coordinates, addresses, cities, or zip codes. Precizion Solutions can offer the context of timing and location into traditional data, allowing for insights in proximity, distance, and locality. With all of the data being collected involving locations, Precizion has helped businesses anticipate changes due to conditions and events, as well as, develop more targeted solutions for their problems.

Decision Simulation

Simulation is the act of a computer model imitating a real-life process or system. It enables businesses to see into the future regarding their decisions. Our highly developed and tested models have assisted businesses in improving employee performance, reducing risk, and support decision making. We utilize your businesses’ data to create custom simulations specifically for your problems.

Data Science Assessment

While we would love businesses to do all things data science, we understand data science needs to be profitable first and foremost. This means that we can help you triage projects and guide you on which ones have high success profitability with a decent pay-off. We will take a holistic approach to assess your data and discover how it can bring value to your company. With our knowledge and passion for data science, we will help your business solve its data problems.

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