At Precizion, our mission is to solve complex and real-world problems with skill, data-driven methods and products. We work hard for businesses and not-for-profits, taking your existing raw data and using it to soar your sales and understand the trends that affect your customers and industry.  We will even help you learn how to collect good data, so you can let algorithms do the heavy lifting while you focus on delivering the best version of your product or service to your clients.

Data science has diverse potential, and every project is an individual experience.  We are excited to brainstorm with your team to help you discover how your data can be the guide to a path of solution and success.

How Can We Help You?

Data Science Products

Building applications and offering them as a service.
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Project continuation

Continuing data science projects already started.
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Video Game Consulting

Advising video games on data-driven decisions.
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Quantitative & weather Enhanced Forecasting MOdels

Use existing data to guide you into the future.
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Data Transformation Solutions

Data conversions with intelligent translations.
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Training and Implementation

We will train your people.

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Finding the best solution such that an objective is reached given certain constraints.
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Intelligent Application and Web Development

Give your applications intelligence.
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Process Simulation Applications

How do variables of interest affect your business?
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Inspiring Data Science

We listen to your problems and your data to derive what we can do.
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