How it works

Sometimes, canned analytical softwares could help.  They take a lot of information, based on many variables, and create an optimized value that changes dynamically as variables are added, removed or changed.

Precizion is also always recreating new tools.

How it will help your business

We can help companies with the intelligent applications we have made.


  • Data transformer – turns one file into another format
  • Metric Picking Tool– turns a list of metrics into (1) a survey with variations of comparison between metrics (2) a tool to upload everybody’s survey results (3) then turns those inputted results into which metrics are most important
  • Training Tool– turns a data source where decisions are recorded into a training game on bettering the decisions.
  • The App– allows you to put a website in and it will reveal what analytics can do for your company
  • Matching Tool – Do you have an event where you need to match a bunch of people to tables? We have just the thing!!!