Practical Optimization Applications


How it works

Practical optimization applications have wide business implementations. They take a lot of information, based on many variables, and create an optimized value that changes dynamically as variables are added, removed or changed.

Precizion can help with both single and multi-variable optimization applications.


How it will help your business

We can help companies find the best and most cost-effective choices based on several variables and your targets. For example, we can help you determine the fastest time to ship your goods while taking timing and price into consideration and assigning which factor is more important to your company and customers. There are endless uses in many industries, including manufacturing, sales, retail, food service, grocery and customer service.


  • optimize keyword usage;
  • determine how much spend is needed across categories for optimal conversion rates;
  • provide customers with a tool to find out how much of a product or combination of products they need;
  • determine the best option when the target is a minimum or maximum of a specific variable or variables; or
  • help companies determine their employee’s efficiency rates based on scheduling, consumer demand trends or supply availability.


Check out an example below, Optimal Sandwich – A Nutritional Target Application:

Optimal Sandwich – A Nutritional Target Application