Predict Events

Use a predictive model in your app to make more money

Video Games:
Help your users utilize your software more. Through this model, you can easily cross-sell/ upsell products to people that are likely to buy. For instance, open-world games can have predictions on what enemies they can face. A first-person shooter game can have a model running to generate random items focused on keeping your user engaged. Games are designed to excite users to explore the world that you’ve created and to keep them plugged in. Anticipating what features or improvements you can add to your game is a game-changer not only in the competitive video-gaming industry but also in the minds of your audience.


SaaS Platforms and Home-Grown IT Systems:
Help enhance the reason the application was made. Powerful examples include a CRM that can manage customers better if it can predict which are more likely to quit. Similarly, an employment application system can predict which employee resumes are likely to be considered by the employer. Predicting what comes next gives you the edge in being ready to satisfying your users no matter what comes your way.